About Volunteer Management in the German…


About Volunteer Management in the German speaking Europe

One of the most important tings while working with new forms of volunteering is volunteer management. Without volunteer management it is utopian to think about Online- and Micro-Volunteering as a part of a volunteer programm. The more important it is, that sometimes so called volunteer managers are asked about their profession. During 2012 volunteer consult asked and got not really surprising answers:

Overall volunteer management is one of many tasks for professionals in NPOs. About 50% of the respondents are free for less than 10 hours a week. Not more 20% are full time volunteer managers…

It's really amazing, most of the volunteer managers feels accepted and recognized by their peers and superiors, but in the NPO they are established factually precarious: Tere have very diverse jobprofiles by hardly average earning. Okay thats often seen in the social sector but that in 58% of the cases the volunteer management do not appear in the organizational chart for me it is a sign for disregarding. And even more: If there is a budget — even in 38% of the cases, the rest have to beg for everything — at least in a part it is really low; 10 to 30€ per volunteer 🙁


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